DeBoer and the Golden Knights Face Unfamiliar Territory in Game 5

Veteran Head Coach and the novice franchise of the Golden Knights face unfamiliar territory heading into Monday Nights Game 5, with a 3-1 deficit and facing elimination. The Vegas Golden Knights have had an impressive short-stint in the NHL. Not only have they had success since the inception of the franchise in 2017, but theyContinue reading “DeBoer and the Golden Knights Face Unfamiliar Territory in Game 5”

Where Does Robin Lehner Rank With the Bubbles Remaining Goalies?

Let’s take a look at what goalie you want on your team right now from the four remaining conference finalist. Two clarifications: One, we are only going to look at the main goalie for each teams, since three of them having a rotating door (sorry Flower). Two, we are looking at bubble stats only, notContinue reading “Where Does Robin Lehner Rank With the Bubbles Remaining Goalies?”

Golden Knights Regain Identity in Game 2 Win Over Dallas

“We’re a good Offensive Team, I think that’s part of our identity” Coach Pete DeBoer said after the Golden Knights 3-0 win in game 2 of the Western Conference Finals. The Golden Knights evened the series to make it 1-1 following a Dallas game 1 win. Both goalies have pitched a shutout in this series.Continue reading “Golden Knights Regain Identity in Game 2 Win Over Dallas”

The Golden Knights Are Back in the Western Conference Finals

I considered going back and pulling old tweets of everyone that called us a joke and said our logo was ugly back in 2017 for this article, but i’ll stick to todays game. The Vegas Golden Knights defeated the Vancouver Canucks 3-0 in game 7 of the Western Conference Semi-Finals. They now have a showdownContinue reading “The Golden Knights Are Back in the Western Conference Finals”

How Vegas can Overcome its Distractions

After the three game round-robin, Vegas seemed like the charming team of the NHL. The young franchise that was continuing success, back in the drivers seat of the playoffs. The team went on to roll past a Chicago team that really shouldn’t have been there, so the sheen continued to shine. However, we may beContinue reading “How Vegas can Overcome its Distractions”

What game 6 Will Reveal About the Golden Knights Franchise Culture

Now to start, I am not an extremist over-thinker that will say one game shows you everything you need to know about a franchise. Thats a pure over-exaggeration. Especially when we are talking about an infant-franchise. However, winning is a culture. From the out-skirts, the Golden Knights have seemed to have established that winning cultureContinue reading “What game 6 Will Reveal About the Golden Knights Franchise Culture”

Game Five Was Not an Alarming Loss

The Vancouver Canucks defeated the Vegas Golden Knights 2-1 in game 5 of their Western Conference semi-final matchup on Tuesday night, extending the series to a game 6 on Thursday. Off the bat, there are negative takeaways a Knights fan could pull from this game. For starters, how does this team of scoring machines putContinue reading “Game Five Was Not an Alarming Loss”

DeBoer is Handling the Goalie “Situation” Correctly

A lot of fans, media, and Vegas followers have opinions on the DeBoer’s handling of the goalie “situation.” Most of the crowd is divided into two camps, either Lehner is the better goalie and should be the goalie, or Marc-Andre Fleury got shafted and his position was taken away from him. Personally, I have comeContinue reading “DeBoer is Handling the Goalie “Situation” Correctly”

DeBoer says Lehner’s Game 3 Performance Doesn’t Change the Game Plan

In Sunday’s press conference, the Golden Knights head coach says that Robin Lehner’s game 3 performance made “no difference” in who would start in goal for game 4. Robin Lehner posted his second shutout of the series, with the game 3 performance being even more impressive. Lehner and the defense killed 10 minutes worth ofContinue reading “DeBoer says Lehner’s Game 3 Performance Doesn’t Change the Game Plan”

Western Conference Finals: Game 3 First Period

WOW! A true display of talent, even without their best performance. Look, it wasn’t all good. The Knights were out-shot 16-10 in the first period, blocked shots were nearly equal, and again we’re losing the face-off battle 15-12. But, we are up 2-0 in the fist period. Robin Lehner no doubt gets the fist periodContinue reading “Western Conference Finals: Game 3 First Period”