The Golden Knights Are Back in the Western Conference Finals

I considered going back and pulling old tweets of everyone that called us a joke and said our logo was ugly back in 2017 for this article, but i’ll stick to todays game.

The Vegas Golden Knights defeated the Vancouver Canucks 3-0 in game 7 of the Western Conference Semi-Finals. They now have a showdown with the Dallas Stars in a best of 7 series to decide who is going to the Stanley Cup.

As soon as Carnell Johnson came out for the National Anthem, and the stadium (although its inserted for now) echoed the lowed kNIGHT I got chills up my spine, that took me back to being a fan for a game 7 game last year with the San Jose Sharks.

Game 7 with the San Jose Sharks felt very relevant tonight. Vegas had blown a 3-1 series lead coming into the game, Pete DeBoer is in the building, we were in a position to be potentially bounced despite playing much better than our opponent, and then the icing on top was another 5 minute major.

However, the Vegas Knights re-wrote their history tonight. They did not create the legacy of playoff chokers, instead they continue their run of the infant franchise that is dominating the Western Conference.

For the first two periods it was much like their previous losses in this series. Vegas got out of the gate out-shooting Vancouver 13-2. It felt like Vegas was much bigger, faster, and stronger but they just couldn’t get the puck pas Demko. At one point in the first they just kept tossing the puck back to Max Pacioretty who shot it three consecutive times.

Vegas was consistently keeping it out of their zone, killing off penalties, and pressuring Demko, they just still struggled to get the puck in the net. The highlight of the game came on a second period breakaway for Vancouver, which resulted in Robin Lehner extending out to snag a glove save over the top of his shoulder.

It wasn’t until 13 minutes into the 3rd period when Shea Theodore, a regular big-time moment player for the Knights these days, stepped up and scored a short-handed goal to get Vegas out in front 1-0. They never looked back from there.

The Vegas Golden Knights continue to prove that this new franchise is here to stay in the Western Conference. They’ll play Dallas Stars team who to me was the most impressive playoff team so far outside of Tampa Bay, although they were starting to slide the last three games to Colorado.

Either way, 8 wins to go. Go Knights.

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