How Vegas can Overcome its Distractions

After the three game round-robin, Vegas seemed like the charming team of the NHL. The young franchise that was continuing success, back in the drivers seat of the playoffs. The team went on to roll past a Chicago team that really shouldn’t have been there, so the sheen continued to shine.

However, we may be ignoring the magnitude of some of the teams distractions. Since the beginning of the bubble, a legend of the game and the team Marc-Andre Fleury has taken a second role to Robin Lehner. Publicly, it has been a massive piece of conversation. Internally Coach DeBoer has given off the idea that it’s all under control.

We have ignored massive internal conflict, such as Fleury’s agent tweeting a picture of him physically being stabbed in the back. Or Jonathon Marchessault getting frustrated to the point of cursing off social media followers. Maybe the charming team of the NHL isn’t so charming.

Undoubtedly, the team carries the weight of not repeating last years 3-1 series collapse, which ended with a massive, yet controversial game 7 collapse.

Now, the team is more than doubling the shot count against the Canucks in the last two games. 94-40. Again, the Golden Knights have shot the puck 94 times which has resulted in a single goal. The Vancouver Canucks have shot the 40 times, which has resulted in 6 goals.

Despite the controversy, the weight of last years loss, and the fact that this series was already in the bag, it’s time to just win.

I’ve mentioned before, I love the Knights aggressive play. Keep shooting, keep firing but you have to execute. It doesn’t matter who is in goal, it’s time to put the puck in the net.

(But play Fleury)

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