DeBoer says Lehner’s Game 3 Performance Doesn’t Change the Game Plan

In Sunday’s press conference, the Golden Knights head coach says that Robin Lehner’s game 3 performance made “no difference” in who would start in goal for game 4.

Robin Lehner posted his second shutout of the series, with the game 3 performance being even more impressive. Lehner and the defense killed 10 minutes worth of power plays, including a 5 on 3. The goalie’s 31 saves was a crucial difference maker in the 3-0 shutout win.

Many fans, and to-boot some reports of internal rumblings that Marc-Andre Fleury may start game 4. A fan favorite, many weren’t happy to see him playing second fiddle to Lehner for the playoffs. But undoubtedly at this point Coach DeBoer has chosen his man, and that decision has not hurt the top-seeded team yet.

However, through the playoffs the team has been using Fleury for the second game in back-to-back day games, which game 4 will be on Sunday after Saturday nights game 3 win. Once again DeBoer will not share his lineup with media before game-time.

In my opinion, I respect that Lehner’s game 3 performance isn’t changing the game-plan. It shows Fleury isn’t waiting in the wind, and isn’t being used as a safety net. It shows their is a method to the madness and a strategy in choosing who is in goal. So if it is Lehner or Fleury in the net tonight, it is indicated that decision was already made.

An interesting item to keep an eye on, if Fleury is the guy for game 2 of the back-to-backs, and the series goes 7 (which it shouldn’t) games 6 and 7 are back-to-back days. Does this mean DeBoer pulls his guy Lehner and gives the veteran Fleury the sticks for a series deciding game?

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