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Meet the Author, SGK

An avid hockey fan who was a free agent for a following. I have my sports journalism career covering college football, college baseball, the NFL, and MMA. The more I watched the sport of hockey, the more I grew to love the sport.

Continuing to watch the sport I found myself following the leagues expansion franchise whenever they were on. Already a fan of veteran goalie Marc-Andre Fleury from his time in Pittsburgh, I loved the idea of a veteran goalie leading a young team. The Knights continued to prove ‘night’-in and night out that they belonged with the best in the league, which continued to grow my fandom.

With that said, I have fully vested myself into the Vegas Golden Knights. My favorite teams in the NFL, College Football, the MLB, the NBA have all been around for decades before my birth. Now this sport has grown on me, and I love the idea that as I grow with writing about it I will be able to follow a franchise from its existence.

Decades from now when Vegas is embedded in the NHL’s history, I will take pride in being able to say we have been here from day one. Let’s Go Knights.

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